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When you look into Red's list of Pokémon, one would notice that it's a crazy short list (and could explain why he became Champion- because he could focus on such a small batch, similar to what his cousin Ash tends to do nowadays) and that his Pokémon are either given to him, had a desire to follow him, or in Taranis/Thora's case... traumatically caught.

Red is the first trainer registered in the world for a double capture- his first one, even, but the inexperience in capturing not just resulted in a traumatized Pikachu that ended up hating being in a Pokéball (Ash's Pikachu, if you haven't guessed already), but also a traumatized ten years old kid who found himself unable to return his own Pikachu back into their Ball, unless it's for a severe emergency (and even then, he'll keep the Ball in his hands, apologizing over and over again to his Pikachu for making them uncomfortable).

Red refuses to divulge exactly what happened that day, but since then, he's had a phobia of catching Pokémon except when they're given or wanting to follow him, and he absolutely refuses to force Pokémon to follow him if they don't want to.

Should he ever talk about it, however, he'll point to the four tiny scars on the right side of his neck, and explain that his double capture is also the moment his animosity towards Team Rocket started. On a search for a Pikachu on Professor Oak's behalf, Red found two being chased by two random Team Rocket Grunts. The result of capturing the Pikachu ended with him having a Zubat biting him on the neck with Poison Fang; and as the move's name revealed, Red has to endure poisoning before being found by the Pewter City's Officer Jenny. And both Pikachu were too tired to help Red out in his dilemma, exhausted from running away from the grunts. This is why Ash's Pikachu refuses to go back into his Pokéball- he doesn't want a repeat of that day- and why Red refuses to put his Pikachu in their Pokéball- because Red felt guilty that he went straight for a capture instead of using Ignatius to fight off the grunts, and doesn't want to force a Pokémon into a Pokéball anymore.
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-The irony of Red being Kanto's Champion is due to him not being competitive and a detest for rivalries. He simply went on the Battle Circuit to find himself, and it resulted in him figuring out that, while talented and prodigious in Pokémon Battles, he wasn't exactly fond of being titled the best of Kanto's best.
~On the other hand, he doesn't like being treated as if he's just some goal to be reached. One trainer got the galls to do so- Red wrecked him with the Seedot he was training.
-No, the icon isn't a joke, Red does have a freckle on his lip. Retouched photos of him never removes it, and many of Red's admirers says it's one of his most attractive features.
-He's never surprised when people asks if Ash is his twin due to the uncanny resemblance. He even enjoys it when people are surprised to learn they weren't far off in knowing Red has a twin- it's just his fraternal twin is Leaf.
-Red's name is the etymology of his father's, Russell. In Beloved Turnabout, this was so there was no need of a Russell Jr.; in Frontierverse, Red chose his Unova/Alolan name based on his father's.
-Red's base body temperature equals a fever to most humans. He, as a baby, spent his first month in the hospital, due to the doctors making sure he wasn't sick.
~They still don't understand how it is that his body easily adjusted for his temperature quirk, but the Ketchums often joke it's Red having Flame Body as a remnant of the era where humans and Pokémon were seen as one.
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Name: Red Ketchum
Other names: (Frontierverse) Kawaguchi Satoru, Roy Beauxchamps, (Beloved Turnabout) Red Daniel Ketchum
Age: (Frontierverse) 11-19, (Beloved Turnabout) 13
~Father- (Frontierverse) Kawaguchi Tsunekazu, (Beloved Turnabout) Russell "Rusty" Ketchum
~Mother- (Frontierverse) Kawaguchi Moriko,(Beloved Turnabout) Cherry Ketchum
~Twin sister- (Frontierverse) Kawaguchi Satoko, (Beloved Turnabout) Leaf Gabrielle Ketchum
~Aunt- (Frontierverse) Kawaguchi Hanako, (Beloved Turnabout) Delia Ketchum
~Uncle (Frontierverse) Kawaguchi Shigeki, (Beloved Turnabout) Mark Ketchum
~Double cousin- (Frontierverse) Kawaguchi Satoshi, Ash Ketchum, Sasha Beauxchamps, (Beloved Turnabout) Ash Leigh Ketchum


secretlyaketchum: An edit of Episode 3 of Pokémon Generations, featuring Red (Default)
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